To the surprise of no one and the delight of us all, Mariah Carey has revealed that, when it comes to nannies, she’s a terrible employer. How terrible? In her own words, she says she will “fire them like that”. *finger snaps*

The idea that Mariah is demanding is obviously an old one, but what’s great about this news is that she’s revealed why she fires them. Asked by some morning radio DJs if she’s a hands-on mother, Mariah says that she has to have nannies but is very hands on. In fact, she thinks of herself as SO hands on that if the nanny “tries to make herself more important” than Mimi in the eyes of Dem Babies, the nanny gets the boot.

But like, is that really a thing that nannies do? Has she just seen The Hand that Rocks the Cradle too many times? And do you think that Mariah has this complex with all of her staff? Say, for instance, that her chef insinuates that she makes a better soufflé than Mariah, does the chef get fired too? If Mariah’s money manager says he has a great lead on a profitable hedge fund that she’s never heard of, does that person get kicked to the curb? I hope so.

What remains to be seen is how she got her most recent nanny, who she describes as someone she brought back from Puerto Rico, as if the girl were a souvenir or a sun tan. What does THAT girl think of her new life?! Oh so charmingly, the DJs joke that the girl is an illegal immigrant, even though it’s perfectly legal to move to the mainland US from Puerto Rico. Mimi responds “she’s not illegal, she’s a guest”, so it seems like she has no idea what the deal is with this girl’s immigration status either.    

(Lainey: the entire interview is CRAZY and AMAZING. From the lighting to the “splashes” to her disdain for her own husband, it’s well worth your half an hour. )