Mimi’s sling change

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 15, 2013 21:58:15 July 15, 2013 21:58:15

There is no heart like the one of a butterfly who must ENDURE, you know? Our sparkle butterfly endured an injury last week but she found the strength, the courage to carry on. I realise this means nothing to you unless you know her song lyrics but still…

Mimi’s sacrifice and bravery is universally inspiring.

Isn’t it?

Mimi still performed this weekend. They jammed and sewed her into her gown, one size too small, and they even let her stand, all by herself, without a balloon around her to cushion her fall. As expected, she took every opportunity to remind the audience of what she had been through.


She CHANGED slings, for no f-cking reason. And this … IS ON VIDEO.

Didn’t you need a pick-me-up?

There’s a sequined sling. And a FUR sling. And a FEATHER sling. All produced in time for Mimi to take the stage. How many people had to work overtime to make this happen? Now I feel stupid for just using scarves when I broke my arm. It was four years ago. Mischa Barton is to blame. Three days later, fresh out of surgery in an ugly blue stanky sling, I interviewed Cate Blanchett who told me just to wrap an Hermes scarf around my arm and be done with it, like it was no thing. So I just started collecting scarves that summer. Scarves with stars. Scarves with stripes. Scarves with animals. Scarves with skulls. It was a fashion statement. I kept wearing it even after my arm had healed, in a knot at the elbow. Now Mimi’s making me look like a f-cking amateur.

I love it when she uses the royal “we”. Mimi really is an institution.


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