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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 18, 2011 17:18:43 November 18, 2011 17:18:43

 Nick Cannon went baby crazy yesterday on his Twitter with new photos of Dembabies, Roc and Roe. Please note that their mother, the real Mariah Mimi, has to be present always, even if it means luxuriating her foot in their faces, clad in a pink dressing gown (which I imagine she only wears for an hour of the day before changing into a different colour and style). And when Roe is reading, it still has to be about Mommy, see?

While Daddy was busy on Twitter being proud of his twins, Mommy was, as you’d expect, busy being proud of ...herself. She apparently appeared via hologram or something in several countries across Europe for a special holiday concert and THIS, this is what I am talking about. This, after all, is a woman who has to be carried everywhere.


So much sense! It’s f-cking brilliant!

She gets to stand in one place - for short periods - in her house as technology beams her around the world while earning millions so she can spend more time, you know, admiring herself. Yesterday Mimi wasn’t posting pictures of dembabies on her site, hell no. She was posting pictures of her size 4/6-ness. Like, look how thin she is when photographed from above as she’s angled away from the camera and looking down. God I love her. And she apparently loves her new grey sequined bandage dress that’s very flattering on her new Jenny body. It’s plastered everywhere on her site. Click here to see.

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