If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know where my heart was yesterday for Italy vs Spain. I am for Spain. But as I said to my Italian friends afterwards, Italy has a true star: Mario Balotelli is the future.

Did you see him storm off the pitch yesterday? And then come back out later, throw himself on the grass, and weep? I love him. He’s 21. He’s amazing. He is raw entertainment. He should play every sport. So that I can watch his life. Two months ago he and his girlfriend Raffaella Fico were fighting so furiously the neighbours called the cops. She subsequently told the tabloids that he’d been sharing his dick too often with randoms. Now she’s pregnant and told him 4 days ago that he’s the father. Here she is bumpin’ today in Milan.

That’s the antithesis of Iker and Sara right there.

And you heard about what he said to Gerard Pique before the match, right?

“I will invite Shakira to the final so that she can see what I will do to her boyfriend.”


There is no drama like Mario Balotelli. It’s a beautiful thing. Also attached - several members of the heartbroken Azzurri including the valiant Pirlo.