Bride, that is.

Am still gagging over Mario Lopez’s coronation as the Hottest Bachelor… People Magazine must need money – and lots of it! – to pay for photos of those Holy Twins. Because it smells like they just got bought.

Mario Lopez is feeding The Brange. Hilarious.

Mario Lopez also has to step off for Katie Holmes. You see, Katie is coming to Broadway in a limited run starring in a play called All My Sons. In order to maximise profit, since Katie’s contribution won’t last very long, producers have decided to move the production from a traditional playhouse to a bigger theatre so that they can sell more tickets for each show.

They decided on the theatre where A Chorus Line is currently running. Which means that Mario is getting shown the door. But of course he is.

Who the f&ck is Mario Lopez???

Actually… the GMD would very much like Mario Lopez, wouldn’t he? My Main ‘Mo Darren messaged me after that article yesterday and said he’d like some Mario as an appetiser. Gays like meatheads. Tom Cruise loves meatheads too?