Sorry. I’ve been harping about her for months. But if you’ve seen La Vie en Rose, you know why. And non-English speaking actors are often ignored.

Marion Cotillard’s performance as Edith Piaf is nothing short of extraordinary. Even legendary. Some critics have described it as “monumental”, a performance that should, and will, stand up for all time.

So far this year she’s earned Best Actress wins at the Hollywood Film Festival, the Satellite Awards, Seattle Film Festival, Best Breakthrough Performance Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and was named Best Actress by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

She has also just been nominated for a Golden Globe, putting her head to head with Angelina Jolie…which is curious, because she has been called the Angelina Jolie of France.

Will Oscar award a non-English speaking role this year? Odds are stacked against but if there is to be an exception, Marion would be it. And her peers seem to agree.

Cate Blanchett, double Golden Globe nominee, praising Marion as La Mome:
“Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose was absolutely astonishing, and the synthesis of the performance with the whole film is superb. As much as inhabiting Piaf, she was also creating a creature, and I thought that was astonishing and inspiring. One of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.”

Ryan Gosling, also nominated for a Golden Globe, offered this:

“Not only did she craft a flawless impersonation of a famous personality, but Marion’s humanity elevated her performance to a devastatingly honest and yet seemingly effortless personification of integrity and grace,” Gosling declared. “To me, this is more than just a great performance; it’s a document of this actress’s overwhelming ability to love.”

Now that sounds like a crush.

Attached – Marion in La Vie en Rose and at a few events of late looking French, chic, and beautiful.


photos from Wenn