For a programme called Vivement Dimanche, likely to promote their film Les Petits Mouchoirs, opening this month in France. And there’s some affection too – her hand is on his leg, non? I mean... have you ever? Seen a couple so perfectly... French? That sounds so ignorantly unFrench, which I’m totally ok with.

Am really into the way Marion is styling her hair. Am really into her f-cking amazing ridiculously beautiful face. Am trying to forget the fact that she’s a dullard and this isn’t difficult since she seems rather animated here, more animated at least than she was when I interviewed her. Oh but she was so painfully not interesting.

As for the movie, as noted previously, it’s pretty good, but it’s too f-cking long. And this is a complaint that everyone, almost all journalists, had with it at TIFF, especially since the movie seemed to be extended simply because Guillaume Canet wanted to include as many of his favourite English language songs as possible. There’s a musical montage every 20 minutes. It’s a bit vain. And even more disappointing considering the film is well written, funny, beautifully acted, featuring wonderful chemistry between people who are actually truly friends in real life. Canet did a great job. He just needs some more discipline in the editing room.

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