If George Clooney had any taste, he’d be all over my Marion. As it happens, George Clooney prefers his girls deep on the cheap and tawdry side. And although he’s trying to whitewash her in the mainstream media with cute little details about their Oscar night to People Magazine and the like, Sarah Larsen at the end of the day will always be the girl who danced for Nine.com – which is what he prefers. Which is why he’ll never end up with my Marion Cotillard.

But imagine if he did?

Here’s a glimpse at the fantasy (thanks Maggie) from the Oscars. Seriously… Sarah Larsen next to Marion Cotillard? It’s almost insulting they were in the same room at the same time.

As for my Marion – Guillaume Canet was indeed in LA with her, they arrived on Saturday straight from the Cesar Awards…see attached. He kept a very low profile on Sunday to leave her with the spotlight but French gossips say the two are madly in love and they are as obsessed over there with them as we are in North America over Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Marion and Guillaume –gorgeous together, non?

Photos from TFS