I am still not over this flu. It’ll be ok for a few hours and then it’ll slide back to sucking all over again. And it’s turned me into a mouth-breather so that’s attractive. Especially in combination with the smell that’s wafting around me, a combination of head sweat and sleep musk. This is why I had to spend extra money on acquiring these photos -- it’s an instant mood improver, French styles!

Here are Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet at the Grove on the weekend with their son Marcel. It’s like a magazine editorial, only totally natural and not at all famewhorey. Look at them kissing with their hands on his head. Look at him going in for more kisses while she’s distracted by the little guy who’s about to take off. Look at the delight on her face as she points at Marcel mid-escape. They were worth it, non?

I need a video to watch later anyway, in bed, while I ooze flu fluids from my head. Jeux d’enfants it is.

Also attached -- Marion in Dior last night at the SAGs. HOW does she keep her hair so neatly swept to the side like that?