They say Julie Christie can’t lose. And she shouldn’t. But if I had a ballot, as you know, apologies for repeating this for almost a year now, my vote would go to Marion Cotillard. Because her turn at Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose was simply astonishing. Please do see it if you haven’t. Instead of seeing 27 Dresses.

Quick tangent: have you read the mercilessly scathing review of 27 Dresses at Oh.Holy.Xenu! He actually calls Katherine Heigl Satan’s Vagina! Satan’s Vagina!

Seriously…as KatE Cruise would say… this review made my life. You MUST read.

And you must see La Vie en Rose. Or see Love Me If You Dare – my first introduction to her when the admiration first bloomed. Alternately you can click here and here to watch an adorable Marion speaking English for American interviewers.

Finally, Marion at the Oscar roundtable conducted by Newsweek alongside James McAvoy, Daniel Day-Lewis, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, and the charming Ellen Page. The entire thing is a real treat, with some very cute moments – like when James referenced Goonies as his inspirational movie. Hee.

Click here for Newsweek and is it just me or is George Clooney utterly charmed by my Cotillard?