She is said to be “heartbroken” over those controversial remarks that widely published after her Oscar win. Her agent says they were taken out of context. Am bias so I believe. And objectively speaking, the prevailing word on Marion is that she is the sweetest.

Rumour has it Picturehouse was too cheap to arrange a stylist for her in LA for the Oscars. For you and me, it’s obviously not a big deal. But you know this town. You know the f&ckin’ drama that would have gone down for almost anyone else who did not have their personal beauty staff on hand on Hollywood’s biggest night. Am told Marion didn’t flinch. Not that this is remarkable, not that it should be applauded, of course. But again… there are lesser celebrities who would have started a world war over that kind of crisis.

Anyway, here are Marion’s Oscar portraits (Corbis). Gorgessity.

Source TFS