First Ryan Gosling, now Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet … the week is looking more and more fried ricey.

Yesterday in Paris at the Grand Prix Masters Gucci Horse Exposition my Marion and her Guillaume were together but didn’t pose together, both in all black and hats. She’s gorgeous and adorable without much makeup, he’s so handsome and only getting better with age. Sigh.

One of my favourite work memories from this year was seeing them at dinner at the Eden Roc during the Cannes Film Festival. There were three of us, ours was just a few tables away. They seemed oblivious to anyone else, and she eats, and drinks, and it’s all so elegant and graceful it’s really hard not to stare. Click here to revisit the encounter Laura was actually the one who faced them, which of course was wasted on her because later on that evening is when we ran into Robert Pattinson on the du Cap terrace and now she’s blocked everything else out.

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