Blake Lively?


But it’s not my Marion Cotillard. To heave that chest up and ooze it over her dress, like some kind of entree. What is happening here?

This is Marion at the Paris premiere of Les Petits Mouchoirs in what is presumably a Christian Dior leather dress. She is the face of the brand. So she must have had more choices, non? It’s really too bad. Because I’m so into everything else, especially the way she’s wearing the hair these days.

But you don’t notice. Because of, well, you know, what’s happening right there, in your face.

Last week, she and Guillaume and the rest of the cast were at another screening where the sartorial selection was much more in line with what we usually expect of her. Am attaching those too, just to cleanse.

Photos from and BERTRAND LANGLOIS /FRANCOIS LO PRESTI /Julien M. Hekimian /