I was wondering about this a couple of weeks ago when the Cannes Film Festival was happening. Marion Cotillard was there. Hadn’t heard anything about Guillaume Canet. Here they are, together this weekend, at the Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show (obsessed that Athina Onassis has a horse show named after her) in St Tropez with their son Marcel.

I hear rumours about Marion and Guillaume now and again and we don’t get a lot of it in the English-speaking world. In the English-speaking world, the tabloids have been trying to start something between Marion and Brad Pitt ever since they started shooting their spy movie, Allied, together. The other conspiracy rumour that horse show followers have been buzzing about is one that involves Guillaume and Charlotte Casiraghi because they’re on the same horse show circuit. To me, though, the speculation has always felt a little TwiHardy and beyond photo assumption and fan fiction, there’s not been anything that smells legit. Definitely not enough to challenge the pictures we’re seeing here.