It’s the fourth year for us at Cannes. And every year we have at least one night at the du Cap. On a night when it’s best to get away from the Croisette, when we don’t have any evening assignments, we make our pilgrimage. There is no Dylan this time though. We miss Dylan. In 2007 Dylan stood next to George Clooney and called him wee.

So after the Brange hysteria on the carpet, we dressed for our favourite place and went over for a quiet dinner. Walked in…

And Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet were having dinner at a table that wasn’t tucked away, wide out in the open, sharing a bottle of wine, and eating. Food. Lots of food. She eats. She doesn’t pick. She consumes.

They are so lovely together. And they look amazingly lovely together. Engaged in conversation, heads bent close, her demeanor, it’s demure, elegant, small spare movements, the most beautiful skin, she smiles sweetly, he smiles back, and her way of flirting is looking down and then raising her eyes back up at him again, not like come hither f-ck me but, I don’t know how to describe it, the only word that comes to mind is French. She’s French. And romantic.

Also… I had the best spinach risotto in the world.

Attached – Marion at the Nine cocktail party the other day with Harvey Weinstein and more of Marion and Guillaume at the Chopard event.

Photos from Getty Images for Red Bull and