My Marion Cotillard arrived today at LAX in advance of the Oscars on Sunday. No makup. Doesn’t matter.

F-ck! I was at LAX just a while ago too! Didn’t see her, different terminal. Balls!

As the reigning Best Actress, Marion will likely present to the Best Actor – will it be Sean Penn or Mickey Rourke? She already handed over the honours to Mickey at the BAFTAs…but that was before he willingly infected himself with Ebola.

Am excited to see what she’ll wear. Last year, it was the best. The BEST. White, scalloped, and gorgeous, remember?

Marion is not a “me me me” girl though. She will be beautiful but she will not be itching to be the star. She’s worn her crown well. And now it’s time to pass it on.

How about a farewell wave?

This part in a pageant always kills me.

How could she marry Mario Lopez?????

Ali Landry farewell 1997

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