Marion Cotillard has been to Cannes, obviously. But she’s never been to Cannes with a film in competition. Marcel was born last year during Cannes when Midnight In Paris was presented. She’s here now for Jacques Audiard’s De Rouille et d’os (Rust & Bone). The screening was this morning at 8:30am and I suck because I could not get my ass out of bed for it. So far they’re saying it’s amazing, awful, boring, moving, terrifying, and heartfelt. So, you know, the critics they agree.

Here she is last night arriving for an appearance on Le Grand Journal in a lovely white blouse and a splashy red Chanel bag and this morning at the photo call in peach and yellow - I love it so much on her. I walked by her on my way to the press lounge and I’m telling you, there is barely any makeup happening here. She’ll have more of it on tonight on the carpet but in the day time, it’s pretty natural and it’s pretty breathtaking. Is it weird that I tried to smell her? Something lovely and fragrant hit my nose when she passed but I wasn’t totally sure if it was coming from her and I tried to follow-sniff a few paces before turning back around because security was looking at me strange.

As for whether or not Guillaume Canet will be joining her here - I suspect not. Didn’t see pictures of the baby with her when she landed and they’ve been in New York shooting Blood Ties for a couple of weeks now. Given that he’s directing, I’d assume they’d continue with production without her and that she’ll return as soon as she can. Three years ago Laura, Mio, and I had dinner at the Eden Roc while they were there together, savouring their food and drinking their wine like only a gorgeous French couple can. (Click here for a refresher. That story always gets lost because that was the same night Emile Hirsch lectured Robert Pattinson on the terrace at the du Cap.) Not that I wouldn’t want to see that again - Marion and Guillaume, I mean - but considering the circumstances, I wonder if that’s unlikely now.