Why can’t more celebrities make like David Beckham? His approach to life:

Don’t talk. Just look hot.

My Marion Cotillard, fresh off her Oscar win – of course with the added exposure they’re digging into her past: how many times she’s taken her top off in a movie, who she’s f&cked, who she snubbed, what she said.

Turns out last year she gave an interview and stupidly decided to offer her opinion on 9/11. Her underlying point was that it’s never a bad move to question what we’re told, especially these days in the post mystery WMD era. If she had left it at that, we’d be all good. Instead she decided to stick her head up her ass.

"I think we"re lied to about a number of things. We see other towers of the same kind being hit by planes, are they burned? There was a tower, I believe it was in Spain, which burned for 24 hours. It never collapsed. None of these towers collapsed. And there [New York], in a few minutes, the whole thing collapsed. It was a money – sucker because they were finished, it seems to me, by 1973, and to re – cable all that, to bring up to date all the technology and everything, it was a lot more expensive, that work, than destroying them. Did a man really walk on the moon? I saw plenty of documentaries on it, and I really wondered. And in any case I don’t believe all they tell me, that’s for sure.”

Gossips mongers (ie British tabloids) are now suggesting that her remarks will hurt Franco American relations which have been improving over the last several months. The ignorant ramblings of an Oscar-winning actress to impact foreign affairs? Hilarious.

Yes, she was an idiot. Hopefully going forward she’ll shut the f*ck up. And absolutely I still love her. After all, I still love my Gwyneth and you know how often she’s put her foot in it, don’t you?

Adorable photo attached – my Marion and Forest Whitaker backstage after her momentous win. Thanks Ms Estella!