Marion Cotillard was in the States for a couple of weeks and some thought she’d be done with award season after Critics Choice. But we now know she’ll be back…because last Thursday, the Oscars invited her to the Best Actress party. It’s important to note how much respect she has within the Academy too to have been nominated (again) because her role in Two Days, One Night is in French (again), her second nomination for a non-English role. Of the honour, she told the AFP that:

“I'm struggling to absorb it, because I wasn't expecting it at all. It's the last thing I had imagined. After (the film) I really dreamed of taking the Dardenne brothers to the Oscars. It was the first time they were chosen to represent Belgium.

When the film wasn't selected (in pre-selection for Oscars best foreign film), it saddened me. I no longer thought the movie would go to the Oscars, and in the end, it made it. It's an immense joy, and it will bring it visibility.

This was one of my favorite movies to film, my relationship with the brothers was something really profound, really intense and beautiful, which made it a special adventure. They make cinema that we rarely encounter. And also the subject matter -- this woman who so upset me when I read the script, all this was an amazing experience.”

Here she is back in Paris with Guillaume Canet and their boy Marcel. They didn’t walk the carpet together in 2008 when she won. Can that please happen this time?