Written by Jacek

My Marion is featured in Vogue’s July issue. I don’t buy women’s magazines. I might buy this one.

“I play the bass guitar, keyboard, and tambourine—I'm their one-woman band and all-purpose maid”.

Can you hear her saying that with that perfect French accent? Excuse me while I close the door for a bit. What? N---No I wasn’t.

Here’s Marion’s Vogue shoot video. I don’t know what to say. Just watch.

Love the part here she says “…you have to have two brains, one to learn, and the other to forget in order to act”. Hear that Biel? Alba? Learn.

Click here to read the full article, and here to see more crazy hot photos of her in Vogue. They’re pretty slow to load so be patient.

Written by Jacek
Photos from Mario Testino for Vogue