Marion Cotillard was at the New York premiere of Allied last night. I love this outfit, the colour, the stripes, the shape of that jacket. I also love the red-lipped sweater she wore today. Marion has been doing a lot of the talking during this Allied press tour. Most of the talking? At a press conference the other day she talked about doing love scenes with Brad Pitt:

"We rehearse and had a very determined choreography, and then it allows you freedom. When you know exactly what your body will do, then you can act and you can be free to give the emotions and give the feelings because you won’t think, ‘What am I going to do next? Am I going to go on top of him?’ It’s an awkward situation. We laughed because you need to get it out because this is so weird. And so you get this time of looking at each other and saying, ‘OK, this is so weird.’ And then we go into this and then I’m going on top of you and then we are going to kiss.” 

And she talked about helping him with his French:

“He had this commitment to do the best he could, which was really, really impressive, so I helped him by being very tough. I was very honest with him. But at the same time, I really wanted to support him in this process that I went through, and I know how hard it is.”

She also talked to reporters about their time together on set:

“When you shoot a movie for three or four months, it becomes a little world where you get to know people that you didn’t before and so you spend your days with new people. Of course you have fun sometimes.”

While Marion’s been doing the talking to the American media, Brad Pitt has been in China the last few days promoting the film overseas. Yesterday he took in a Chinese calligraphy lesson – photos here - and sampled local cuisine. This all seems fair.