It’s an adaptation of MacBeth with Michael Fassbender as the title character. Sarah previously wrote about it here. Word is, it will be Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth. According to Deadline filming starts in January.

I love this casting choice. SO much. You already know that Marion is talented. And you’ve already seen her flirt with this kind of role before. Wasn’t her performance in Inception kinda Lady Macbethy? Right down to her demise? The context, obviously, is different. But she was the voice in Leonardo DiCaprio’s head. She was the push. The same way Lady Macbeth was the push for the decision that changed everything and resulted in her own regret.

I’m also intrigued by the language. If they stay to text, it’ll be a much more complicated English delivery than Marion’s ever been challenged by. Not to say that she can’t, but Shakespeare can be difficult, even for those who speak English as their first language.

In other Marion news, TIFF confirmed yesterday that she will be attending the festival with Guillaume Canet. Michael Fassbender was also on the list. So maybe we’ll get a little Macbeth preview in Toronto.