There was no dress last night as exquisite as hers. Not a dress for everyone, but for a French girl, with inimitable French style, wearing French couture, and charming everyone in the auditorium, it was perfect. Jack Nicholson apparently couldn’t get enough of her. At one point he was overhead cracking: Now why couldn’t I present Best Actress?

Unanimous agreement – my Marion was one of the highlights of a rather dull show. And backstage in the press room there was even more enchantment.

She came through and everyone surged forward, everyone had a question. But she was still shaking and trembling from the surprise. And breathless. And sooo happy it was infectious.

"It feels so good. I"m totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks and everything which goes like bom-bom-bom”. She says totally like “toe – tally”. It’s the cutest.

Then of course she sang a few bars from Padam Padam and the entire room swooned – a couple hundred bitchy grumpy journalists eating out of the palm of her hand. Amazing.

Marion was at the Elton John party but no Guillaume sighted. Her family was with her. She was still trembling by the time she left.

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