Two for two.

It was hers last year when she was named the Queen. It’s also hers this year as she took an appropriate step back but still killed it anyway.

Like SJP, Marion chose Christian Dior.

Unlike SJP, she totally made it work. It’s not a dress for everyone. The tiers, the tulle, the belt…Sarah Jessica Parker was completely overwhelmed, like an eager beaver who wants it too badly.

But not a French girl with effortless elegance. She totally sparkled. No one else came close.

And how about the way my Marion presented Kate Winslet? Every girl has a girlcrush. As I mentioned last week, Kate is Marion’s girlcrush. She worships her. The first time they met, she cried. So the reverence in her voice, as she introduced Winslet’s nomination… have you ever heard anything more adorable?

Guillaume Canet did not walk the carpet with Marion but as you saw from audience shots was seated right next to her. He accompanied her to the Governor’s Ball and then Vanity Fair later on. Photos attached. Love them so much.

Also photos of her Vanity Fair party dress, colour coordinated to suit her Oscar gown – amazing - but see? Even she can’t carry that shine.

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