Here’s Marion Cotillard with Guillaume Canet last night at amfAR looking f-in’ hot as usual.

Quick side bar. First time I made a point of figuring out who Marion was is when I saw that Dior Eiffel Tower ad. You know which one I’m talking about. Attached it for your reference. That thing screams sex doesn’t it? And not dirty sex either. Some respectful, hot sex with possibly a little blank gazing and numb smiling afterwards.

Anyway…back to her (and him) at amfAR.

Second side bar…if she’s going to be with anyone, it might as well be this dude. He looks like a bit of a stud. Got that “I’m so cool but not trying to be” thing going on. Great nose too. Distinguished. No?

The dress works I think. Not crazy about the sequins or the colour and obviously have no idea who made it. But if you’re going to have sequins and sh-t on a dress and make it that colour, this would be a fine choice. I might be swayed by the fact that she’s hot though. Put this thing on Hayden Pantierererererrre and I might have the exact opposite opinion.

That, my fellow smuthounds, is just a little taste of the insightful sh-t that’s on the way today!

Written by Jacek
Photos from and KCSPresse/