Hate SO MUCH what Marion Cotillard wore last night at the New York premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Especially those shoes. Gross. How gross?

This is an outfit for Emmy Rossum.

You see?


And especially disappointing because her new Vogue cover just came out and it’s glorious. She is glorious. You will note too that she was shot by Peter Lindbergh and NOT Mario Testino which explains everything. My favourite is the one of her in the red velvet suit. It’s a beautiful photograph. It should be enlarged, and then mounted on a wall.

So far the excerpts from the article haven’t been too revealing. James Gray called her a bohemian. Christopher Nolan thinks she’s superwoman and he arranged the production for The Dark Knight Rises around her childbirth so that he could have her in the role. A privilege no doubt. And she’s worth it.

Remind me again then why you still don’t trust Christopher Nolan on Anne Hathaway? (For the reference article on that point, please click here.)

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