Jessi Cruickshank reported on our etalk red carpet show that Marisa Tomei’s dress was some kind of 1950s gown that is so rare and so precious, they wouldn’t loan it to her so she had to buy it and it was tens of thousands of dollars, probably the only celebrity who had to do so last night.

For real?

Because I would have just taken a loaner from whatever, Valentino, Lanvin, Versace, and spent that money somewhere else. For all its value and oldness, her vintage looked cheap. It didn’t fit well. It’s way too high up on her chest. And the tulle was a f-cking mess in person. Tanya and I watched her go by us on the balcony and she kept stepping on it, several times, while we were rolling, which made it even worse.

Not everyone can go vintage. You have to know how to work it if you’re going vintage. She can’t and she couldn’t. And it was a disappointment. I don’t enjoy ripping on Marisa Tomei. I like Marisa Tomei very much. But when you’re not nominated, and you’re not exactly on the top tier, and you go to such lengths to make your dress such a big deal, and you can’t come to play, you have to expect to be called out on it. This wasn’t her night.

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