Sort of appropriate as today marks the two year countdown to Vancouver 2010!

Sports Illustrated, the famed Swimsuit Edition, this year featuring Marissa Miller on the cover (she used to date Dale Earnhardt Jr), and Marissa is wearing a luxury sequined crocheted bikini bottom designed by VANCOUVER"s own Anna Kosturova!

Anna’s pieces have been featured in SI for two years running and last year, Bar Rafaeli was so enamoured, she asked to keep the one she wore on her shoot.

By the way – check out Anna’s signature model Serinda. Looks remarkably like Lindsay Lohan, non? Rumour has it, Serinda battled Ebola not too long ago at a club in Vegas. Serinda was apparently a guest of the owner and was dancing on stage when Paris decided she wanted her spot, charged up, and pushed off her the side. Serinda fell four or five feet, landing on a few dancers below.

When the owner found out, he tore Paris a new asshole, embarrassing her so badly she fled the scene. And STILL her stylist requested a few samples of Anna’s designs – the white one ended up on the poster for her latest sh*t to dvd movie.

But back to Marissa. Seriously, that body is ridiculous. As are those breasts. And I don’t care how much photoshopping there is. You could spend a year photoshopping my Chinese ass but as my mother would say, I’d still have my Aunt #10’s trunky legs. Ugh.