Written by Jacek

Hello Smuthounds. It’s been a while. Lainey’s stuck in a shoot so I thought I’d fill the gap. She’ll be back at it soon. I’ll stick to what I know as subject matter in the meantime.

If you’ve made the rounds of the gossip blogs, you would have seen that SI has just released its swimsuit issue. Check out some shots here if you’ve missed them. This Brooklyn Decker isn’t normally my type but I’d make an eager exception here.

Last night they had their launch party in NY and a bunch of the models showed up. ….and so did Mark McGrath. Who? I had to Google him to make sure he didn’t have a legitimate reason for being there. Maybe he’s dating a model. Maybe he’s reviving his hosting career. Perhaps he’s one step above a wedding signer now and actually performed at the prestigious event. For the sake of this piece, however, let’s go with no. No, other than getting close to multiple sets of hot ass, which many will agree is reason enough.

So this begs the question, exactly how long does borderline one-hit wonder “rock star” status allow you access to these events? If you’ve forgotten, he was the front man for Sugar Ray. And apparently co-hosted Extra. Would he have had to pull the “do you know who I am?” at the door? Either way, he did well to get in. I’m sure any of my cohorts would have loved to be there so all the power to him.

Here are a few shots of last night’s attendees, including McGrath, Decker, Bar Rafaeli, and a…Genevieve Morton. No reason for her inclusion.

Written by Jacek

Photos from PNP/WENN.com