There are few actors who are liked by EVERYONE. And there is no journalist or publicist I’ve talked to in two years at TIFF who has anything negative to say about Mark Ruffalo. He’s a doll. So nice and so kind and so considerate and so normal and SO in love with his wife.

eTalk hosted the official Blindness after party on Saturday at our headquarters at 299 Queen. I spoke to Mark on the carpet who was attached to his wife in the sweetest way. He was humble about being presented at TIFF for the 10th time and she was so proud about his 10th time at TIFF. She actually reminded him about it on camera when he mistakenly said 8 times – they were real and they were genuinely in love and he was photographed buying flowers for her on Saturday afternoon perhaps because, as he told me during our interview, they fell in love in Toronto.

Le sigh.

He’s the best.

And he’s like totally besties with Adrien Brody! Adrien showed up to the Blindness premiere and then followed along for party – they co-star together in The Brothers Bloom and were inseparable inside our event. Like literally attached at the hip. When our bash wrapped, they decided they hadn’t had enough and I ran into them at the Hyatt Roof Lounge that night at 2am, both still super animated and excited to be hanging out. Adorable, non?

As for Adrien – sure he was scruff, and of course he’s no David Beckham, but sometimes that’s ok. More than OK. Adrien Brody is a hot piece. He dresses like no one else. That jacket he was wearing… it was the sh*t. And his gait, his attitude, the man radiates cool, he radiates charisma, and you know what? It’s too easy to be hot if you’re hot. It’s truly something extraordinary to be hot when you’re not conventionally hot. Adrien Brody is it.

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