Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr were honoured last night at the Britannia Awards in LA. Mark was presented with the Humanitarian Award for his work in advocating for clean water. Because, yes, he’s the best. Always. Even Dame Judi Dench thinks so.

RDJ received the Stanley Kubrick Britannia For Excellence In Film. During his speech, he acknowledged his co-star in The Judge, Robert Duvall, with a shout-out to, yes of course, Marvel:

“The season, you know is upon us , and I’m told it is unlikely I will be nominated – four years ahead of time for my absolutely stellar performance in Avengers: Infinity Wars Part I  but Bobby Duvall’s got a strong shot for this year’s Judge.”

Does that mean he’ll be dedicating his Oscar campaign resources to Duvall instead? Will he have time? Susan is due soon. And he told Deadline last night that that means they’re going underground for 4 months. That’s pretty much the entire season.

I do love though that he says it like that, “The season, you know, is upon us”. Some people still say that “award season” is a construct created by the media. Oh come on. They all know what the “season” is and what exactly needs to be done during the “season”. It’s like athletes and the playoffs. You don’t hear athletes saying they don’t want to get into the playoffs. So why not just admit – they ALL want to get into the playoffs, they ALL want to go to the Oscars.

I don’t know how a nice article about two favourites, Mark Ruffalo and RDJ, turned into a ragey post. Sorry.