Mark Ruffalo –I apologise for sucking. For being late on the bandwagon. For taking so long to figure it out.

But now that I have… I love him. He is divine. One of the most engaging, most endearing, loveliest celebrities out there, maybe because fame came late. Maybe because he was allowed to be an actor instead of a star like George Clooney, who told my colleague Ben Mulroney that if he had hit it big before his 30s, he would be shooting crack into his head. Snort.

Having said that, there is one major difference between Mark and George. Because while George is an unrepentant lothario, Mark Ruffalo is completely devoted to his wife. Swoon.

At the Intercon today during the Reservation Road junket Mark comes sauntering down the hall, big smile for everyone, and proceeds to charm the panties off every woman standing in the corridor.

He was talking about Cate Blanchett who he adores. Cate plays Bob Dylan in I’m Not There which screened last night. So Mark walks up to one of the publicists and points his finger in her face:

You tell that Cate Blanchett to stay the f&ck out of the Best Actor category. It’s bad enough she’s like one of the best actresses in the world but now she’s gotta come and take food out of my kids’ mouths? It’s not right. It’s just not right!

Everyone was dying. And that’s just what he is. He’s funny, he’s smart, he’s humble, he is underrated, he is amazing.

Love, love, love.

PS. Not short. Five foot ten.