Who doesn’t love Mark Ruffalo?

Duana loves Mark Ruffalo. A LOT. The way I know this is because Duana is the most proper of all of us. Whereas Sasha and I can talk sh-t, literally, all day long, there’s a look of disapproval that comes over Duana’s face whenever we engage in, you know, the icky subjects. Like she’s afraid her great aunt Siobhan is in the room judging us. When Duana drops some crude, then, you know it’s about to get real. And Duana, while watching the Golden Globes, she made like a panty remark or something over Mark Ruffalo and that’s when I knew Duana has it bad for Mark Ruffalo. It’s a really great choice. He’s amazing.

And I’ll spare you my constant refrain about just how f-cking NICE he is.

Rather, check him out on the cover of the new Details. The interview is a good one too. He talks about how he actually quit on Hollywood two years ago. His brother had just died, he got rid of all his entire team, moved to New York, and thought The Kids Are All Right would be his last movie. Then he went to Sundance and remembered what filmmaking is all about. Ok that part was a bit treehugger actor-y. But his candour is endearing. Really, really sexy actually. Like I’m even attracted to him even reading about him ordering guacamole and chips. Or it could be hunger. Sometimes I can’t separate the two.

Anyway, how is it that an actor is actually eating guacamole? Mark says he’s not really training to be the Hulk. Then he name checks Tom Cruise:

“You think Tom Cruise does this?”

No, Mark is not Tom.

Click here to read the full article.

And, Duana, steady yourself for the behind-the-scenes video. Jesus that is nice to look at.