My friends and I rarely agree on attractiveness. I always say, for instance, that Duana likes mountain men. Like she’ll always prefer the 45 year old over the 25 year old. I’m with the 25 year old, obviously. One person we can all agree on, however, is Mark Ruffalo. I will never understand the person who doesn’t love Mark Ruffalo. We don’t get enough Mark Ruffalo. Why the f-ck does Leonardo DiCaprio have an Oscar and not Mark Ruffalo? Sit your ass down on that, Leo fans, while the rest of us celebrate Mark. Who was honoured last night at the Turtle Ball for his work on behalf of conservation efforts. Mark Ruffalo loves turtles:

“I was in Brazil shooting a movie about 10 years ago and I walk into this indigenous craftsman’s shop and he said to me, ‘Your spirit animal is a turtle.’ I’ve always felt like a turtle. I’m very slow, methodical. I kind of go at my own pace. I like my quiet time. I’m an ADHD tortoise.”

Come on. This is so f-cking cute, even Sarah is smiling. SARAH, DON’T LIE, YOU ARE SMILING.

During his acceptance speech, Mark talked about how he was kind of embarrassed to be receiving the award because the people who are doing the work on the frontline are the ones who’ve been educating him. Here’s an excerpt of his remarks from W:

“We have a system that doesn’t take care of people or the essential things that we need for life, like water,” he began. “What I’ve learned as I came out of my little shell is that community made me better, it made me stronger, it made me more connected. And in that community, let me tell you who it was: the women, the people of color, the marginalized people, poor people. All of these people are the frontline fighters. These are the people that this kind of a room needs to be supporting now.”

He, proving himself Woke with a capital W, continued. “We’re seeing an influx of women leaders. Women are the ones who are essentially, naturally on the front lines of these degradations, as far as humanity is concerned. They are the ones dealing with the children, they are the ones who have to worry about their health, they are the ones who have to worry about their education, they are the ones who have, for me, always been the most fearless, fiercest leaders… You know what, they have to push people out of themselves under the most incredible pain and they know the cost of what it is to be alive more than any of us do. They have an innate sense of morality in them that needs to be listened to and respected in this moment in time.”

But wait, there’s more. “Let’s face it guys, this is fascism. This is authoritarianism. This is a corporate takeover of our democracy. The way we have to fight that is with our money, the same language that they speak… You can do all the rallies, you can do all of that kind of stuff, but with this kind of room, put your money where your mouth is.”

Mark has Marvel money now. He’s working on the next Avengers movies and he’ll be in Thor 3 out in November but he’s yet to confirm a dramatic follow-up to Spotlight for which he received an Oscar nomination. That’s what Marvel money can do for you though. He’s using it for the fight. And it helps with the wait. So that he can keep crusading for turtles and for a role that’s worth his time.