Do it.

I know it’s hard, but you must. There’s horny and then there’s f-cking desperate and STUPID. And friends don’t let friends quiver for the desperate and stupid.

Goodbye Mark Salling.


Like Chris Pine, can we shame Mark Salling into getting rid of it?

Last night at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party, Mark Salling hooked up with Audrina Patridge. The end. That’s all you need to know.

Desperate because his star is on the rise and if all he wanted was some ass for the night, it could have been anonymous. Now he’s the dumbass who actually carried on a conversation with Audrina.

Stupid because his star is on the rise and he’s just compromised it by dating a useless twat.

Remember when Chris Pine had to publicly disown her to save his reputation? At that point Chris already had a hit film under his belt. But Mark Salling is a secondary player on a new tv show. His situation is even more precarious. And he’s pissing it away with Audrina Patridge? F-cking idiot.

Also attached….

Cory Monteith in Toronto yesterday with Sir Richard Branson at the launch of the Raising the Roof campaign in support of homeless kids. Sweetie.

Where. The F-ck. Was Sue?

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