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Tom Hiddleston’s serial killer commercial

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 29, 2014 18:17:24 January 29, 2014 18:17:24

When last we heard from Tom Hiddleston, he had four dead bodies in the trunk of his car. I had a lot of questions about a commercial that had no problem insinuating its protagonist had just committed quadruple homicide. Well, now we have the full Super Bowl spot from Jaguar, and it totally implies that Tom Hiddleston is a serial killer. Full Story

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Mark Strong

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 5, 2011 07:54:38 May 5, 2011 07:54:38

Once in a while an email will come in from an ardent fan of Mark Strong and she’ll be all indignant about why he’s not featured all the time on this site. Example: “WHY DON’T YOU POST MORE ABOUT MARK STRONG! HE’S AWESOME!!!!!” I don’t doubt it. But, first of all, there’s very little gossip out there about him other than the fact that you can often find him bro’ing down with Daniel Craig, and second, it’s not like Mark Strong is photographed every day – I’m not even sure half the people reading this site would have made his face on name recognition alone in the title – and I’m not about to post old photos of him over and over again just to satisfy a minority need. Full Story