Has there ever been a BitchFace ascent as accomplished and as meteoric as Mark Wahlberg’s wife’s, also known as Rhea Durham? We first saw it when she punked off Jessi Cruickshank at a Golden Globes after party. Last night….all night… every time they cut to her, there was something up her ass. On the carpet there was something up her ass. Like she couldn’t remember how to smile genuinely. Without looking like she’s about to take out your eye with her elbow. When Ben was interviewing her for etalk on our red carpet show she had her face turned to the side like Canada gave off some kind of stink.

Maybe it’s a BitchFace that has grown with Mark’s Hollywood power. After all, Mr Wahlberg is a mogul now. A bonafide television and movie mogul. As the wife of that kind of mogul, beautiful and model-thin and fertile, you walk with a sharp strut and a vicious Bitch. This award season, she has demonstrated this with impressive ferocity. I now want this on my resumé. I want to be BitchFaced by Rhea Durham very badly.

Photos from Wenn.com and ROBYN BECK/Jason Merritt/Ethan Miller/Gettyimages.com