Best Date Ever

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 14, 2009 08:27:18 April 14, 2009 08:27:18

Are we there yet?

How about now?

The wait is too long!

Tina Fey and Steve Carell starring together in a comedy called Date Night.


That alone would be enough.

But add Leighton Meester to the mix to bring some Blair Waldorf flavour, and a touch of the impossibly adorable Taraji P Henson, fresh off her Oscar nomination, and now…

Marky Mark and my #1 James Franco have just confirmed supporting roles in the movie about a husband and wife on the most f-cked up date night ever and apparently everyone wanted to work with this team so badly, even Mark Wahlberg with his enormous ego jumped at the chance to take on a secondary part.

Tina’s amazing run continues. Yay!

And the versatility of my boyfriend James – from drama to stoner and back again all the time, all while pursuing his masters degree, writing a book, and starring in my fantasies. Am now wondering if he better belongs on the Lifetime List. One night probably isn’t enough. Let’s give it a few years… I worry about him not sleeping enough. It’s better to be sure about these things. And put your tingles away – there is no clue here.

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