Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham spent Christmas in Barbados with their four kids. If you had the TV turned on at all over the last week or so you could not have missed the ads for his new film The Gambler, particularly if you were watching sporting events. Dudes supposedly love Marky Mark. And mostly dudes went to see his movie, which opened in 6th for the weekend. Given that the holiday box office is supposed to be about family entertainment, this wasn’t a loss; it’s considered a decent showing and certainly decent enough for him to keep flexing. So he’s flexing. And some of you might be turned on by his flexing. Marky Mark’s flexing does nothing for me. In fact, the opposite. I’ve never understood it. But watch. One day they’re going to give this man an Oscar. And it’ll be sold to us like a great American success story. Do we all have to take responsibility for that?