I played two rounds back to back this weekend. Jacek played three rounds, and 36 consecutive holes yesterday. Am currently golf obsessed. It becomes more addictive when you start putting shots together. 97 is my new PB after breaking my old record on Saturday and I’m now totally jacked to get to 95 before the season is over. If only I had a putting green and a mini driving range at home like Mark Wahlberg.

Marky Mark is currently a 14 handicap, used to be a 6 but then all those children cut into his fairway time. I’m just sayin’...

He and Will Ferrell are currently in Australia promoting The Other Guys and had time for a round – apparently there was a bet with a friend and the friend lost and had to jump into Sydney Harbour.

My question is whether or not he brings along his own clubs. It’s a pain in the ass to pack but I guess those considerations don’t apply to millionaire celebrities. Then again, celebrities probably get the super kick ass club rentals too.

OMG, did you watch the PGA and Dustin Johnson’s phantom bunker drama yesterday? There were hundreds upon hundreds of bunkers on that diabolical course. How do we know no one else did the same if the tv cameras weren’t on them at the time? Golf rules. And golf clothes. Most women’s golf clothing is usually made for Mildred and her friends. It’s demand, I guess.

Girls... we have to start playing more golf.

Photos from Flynetonline.com