Mark Wahlberg last night in New York for the premiere of The Happening. It was announced earlier this week that Marky and his baby mother were expecting their third child. He also called Rhea Durham his “future wife” last night on the carpet, finally willing to make it official. Funny how things are timed, and on this occeasion (rare in Hollywood) completely coincidentally.

Jessica Alba had her baby this week. Mark and the Alba Bitch had one hot fling right after she broke off her engagement to that Michael Weatherly, remember? You will note however that Mark hooked up with the sour face not too long after Rhea gave birth to daughter Ella Rae. That situation was supposedly not unlike this one, except Mark, clearly, has not had a vasectomy, and Rhea’s plan obviously worked. Similar to this dude though, he also told her to pack it up in the night shortly after Ella was born. It was a wild, wild, WILD few months after that. But under pressure from his family and haunted by his Catholic guilt, Mark ostensibly changed his mind. They reconciled and it’s been a bumpy ride, but this time it looks to be for life.

Smut with a happy ending! Tastes so good, non?

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