Check out Mark Wahlberg in Hong Kong today working on Transformers 4 with Michael Bay who wants you to see how hot he is and that’s why Victoria’s Secret models will date him.

Last week Bay was attacked by an air conditioner – click here for Sarah’s report on the story. Sarah just sent me another report from another shady incident that just happened. Apparently a crew member was intimidated by 4 triad members trying to shake her down for cash. While last week’s incident was blamed on “drugs”, this time the organised crime unit is getting involved because we’re now finally admitting that this is a triad situation. Low ranking gang members don’t just hit up major productions in Hong Kong. You know why? Because triads are allegedly very, very influential in the movie business over there. If you hit up a movie set, you could be hitting up your own boss’s set, is what I’m saying. Or…if you’re hitting up a movie set, maybe you’re hitting up your boss’s rivals movie set. It’s shady all around.

But all that is about to end.

Because Mark Wahlberg is here. Mark Wahlberg is the only boss. Mark Wahlberg takes care of business. He could have taken care of the hijackers. A few Chinese thugs are nothing. I always say though, Chinese gangsters are probably the most depraved of all gangsters. Hollywood has glamourised the mafia, certainly, but there did exist a code of honour with the mafia. There were some lines even they wouldn’t cross. Triads though? Triads will rape babies to get what they need.

NOT WITH MARK WAHLBERG AROUND! Mark Wahlberg says don’t f-ck with Mark Wahlberg.