I mean, when I see Mark Wahlberg’s mega pecs being directed by Michael Bay, I know FOR SURE that Pain & Gain is a movie that will feature interesting actresses playing interesting characters. Pain & Gain is a real(ish) account of a group of muscleheads extorting a rich dude (Tony Shalhoub) and the sh-t that goes down when they f-ck it all up.

In other Wahlberg news, have you seen the trailer for Ted yet?

Ted was written and directed by Seth Macfarlane. He also voices the title character. Seth Macfarlane, another one with whom I have a love hate relationship but mostly hate. Duana and I wonder all the time about Seth Macfarlane and how much ass he gets because, well, he gets a lot. And still, I sent the clip to Duana yesterday with the following instructions:

This pays off. Watch all the way through. And tell me which part is your favourite. Do it NOW.

Her response:


I waited until I was in the airport with proper internet access.  JESUS.

I was all set to tell you the banging the checkout thing was the best. Then of course the names. Then I thought it wasn't as good as the checkout thing...

...but then it was “with a lyn after it” and I lost my damn mind.  


This is why women like him, maybe?

If you read Duana’s Jessica Simpson baby naming post about how she’s a name nerd you can imagine the joy she experienced during that scene. And this might be why, being Canadian, we can’t totally hate Seth Macfarlane. He’s gross. But in his work there’s a Canadian sensibility. And when he gets that right, it can be hard to resist.