Mark Wahlberg stopped into Letterman to promote his new movie Ted last week. It looks strange, but I love Seth MacFarlane so who knows. (Lainey: I do not love Seth MacFarlane but Ted to me looks awesome if only for that scene about white trash names for girls.)

Anyway, during the anecdote portion of the Letterman interview, he received a huge whoop from the crowd for saying he’s going back to high school, online, to get his diploma. Obviously prepped, because Letterman asks him to differentiate between a diploma and a GED. Mark’s now an ambassador for an education program so he’s making a point to go back. Since then, as he continues his press tour, everyone’s been asking him about it - Mark Wahlberg, the student.

When it comes to education, always better late than never. A senior citizen who graduates from college, someone who’s had a rough go of it and gets their GED, a young single parent who goes to night school – very inspiring.

But a celebrity who gets months off between movies? I’m a little less enthusiastic. I think it’s great he’s doing it, but why the big pat on the back? I guess if Mark Wahlberg going to a high school graduation ceremony (oh that’s coming, trust me) furthers his charity initiative, I should be down with it…if only every little thing Mark Wahlberg said didn’t rub me the wrong way.

The image he’s projecting is clear: movie star and real life tough guy! Mark from the block - with Oscar nominations. I will admit he is very career savvy: movie-exclusive actor and executive producer of a few big name shows (Entourage, Boardwalk Empire) but he walks around with this “fists of justice” machismo that is just so off-putting.

Like when he threatened to slap someone at the MTV Awards because they heckled Mila Kunis. Really? Do women like this? A buff little dude trying to “defend our honour”? Mila Kunis is sassy, she doesn’t need Mark Wahlberg to speak for her. I don’t think this is chivalrous, I think this is “Durrrr.”

Hey Mark, how are you?

MW: Durrrr… Boston. Durrrr 9 kids and poor.  Durrrr juvie.

Throughout the Letterman segment he emphasized his rough and tumble youth.  He is damn proud of himself, and you can tell.  Call me petty (because I am) but it’s no fun rooting for a top dog who thinks he’s still an underdog. Now he’s going to high school (at 41) and he wants a lot of credit for that. So, a round of applause for Marky Mark, I guess.

Oh and because he’s such a muscle man he talks about calves and his upcoming vitamin supplement line at GNC. It’s all “Durrrr.” So now, he’s also the guy at the gym who walks around offering to spot people.

Attached - Wahlberg on the morning talk show circuit earlier this week.