Really wish they cut away to Rhea Durham’s face more last night during the MTV Movie Awards. Did you see her expression after the Rihanna/Eminem performance? I can’t the video because they keep pulling everything down but if you have it on your DVR still, go back and find it. Mrs Wahlberg has a reputation. And she is maintaining it.

But there was no bitch-facing, obviously, when her husband was receiving his Generation Award. Which he did with a lot of swears. I have no problem with the swears. The more the better. If it were up to me, we’d be allowed to drop the swears all the time, no bleeping. Here’s my question though – if a woman dropped as many swears as Mark Wahlberg did last night, especially while admonishing someone in the crowd, do you think it would have gone over as well?

There’s been almost no criticism of Wahlberg about his swears. Had it been Miley Cyrus giving us a f-ck every 30 seconds on television, we’d be hiding our children and getting ready for the apocalypse.