Where’s the Hollywood Enforcer?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 24, 2014 17:16:23 December 24, 2014 17:16:23

Oh look it’s Marky Mark and his bulging muscles ready to take down any motherf-cker who gets in his way, only, you know, after his movie, The Gambler, opens tomorrow.

As I wrote last week when the George Clooney Sony support petition came out – click here for a refresher – my first thought was… what? Nobody signed it? Not even Mark Wahlberg, the Hollywood Enforcer? You’ll recall, Marky Mark has said (and subsequently apologised) that if he was on one of those 9/11 planes…

Marky Mark hasn’t been named in any of the hacked Sony emails. But he still considers himself some kind of leader in the business. He produces. He’s powerful. He’s a movie mogul now. His name is not on the petition. Then again, to be fair, he’s not alone. As Clooney said, no one else signed it either. Like I said though, the reason it feels different to me for Wahlberg, is because he comes off all big and bad all the time, pissing on actors who don’t respect the military, going full volume on how he gave half his salary to Ben Foster on Lone Survivor because he’s a Boss who likes to set Examples. Don’t mess with the head of the Funky Bunch, right? So where are you now Marky Mark? 

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