Mrs Wahlberg’s BitchFace

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And here we thought she was just a garden variety model wife. A very fertile one at that. But Mrs Wahlberg, also known as Rhea Durham, she has a raging bitch inside of her. And when she lets it out? Look. The. F-ck. Out.

It’s amazing.

The background:

I work on an entertainment news show in Canada called etalk on the CTV network. CTV airs the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl, the Oscars, etc. So etalk’s access and subsequent coverage of these events is super thorough. Jessi Cruickshank is our Los Angeles correspondent. You may remember Jessi from the MTV Aftershow.

Jessi is smart, really, really funny, and truly, truly goofy. That girl will do almost anything. She knows what will work for entertaining tv. And she has the thick skin to go for it. On Sunday night after the Globes, Jessi was assigned to cover the party carpets.

You don’t approach a party carpet the way you approach a premiere carpet or a main event carpet. Those require more serious (and boring) questions. Party carpets are when you have some license to get a little sillier, when you look for a moment, for a celebrity who will play, and you end up with something hilarious for a soundbite. We’re not going to ask about “what’s your motivation” on a f-cking party carpet. And, frankly, most celebrities know this game.

If they stop on a party carpet, instead of rushing by, they should know this game, and they should be prepared to play this game. Otherwise, keep walking, no talking.

We had this on our show last night. Jessi on party beat. For the most part, the stars who stopped were pretty obliging. Including JON HAMM. And then…

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham.

Mark stopped.


Jessi asked him:

“Justin Bieber presented an award tonight, did the 13 year old in you get kind of excited?”

The reaction from Rhea Durham is one of the greatest moments in bitchassness You. Will. Ever. See.

Her disdain comes in several parts, because her Bitch is so sophisticated, she can pull it out in combination. There’s an eyeroll. There’s a cut eye. And then SHE EXHALES before stalking off while her husband is still standing there.

Nothing will make you happier today than watching this over and over again. Duana and I saw it last night and had to rewind while squealing. I’ve attached a GIF below but I promise you, it’s nothing compared to when you see it normal time with volume.

Maybe it’s because we know Jessi. And here’s why this is so Jessi. This, you see, is typical Jessi. If you’ve watched Jessi on MTV and/or her 3 part Real Holly wood Survival Guide you know this incident is EXACTLY Jessi. Jessi brought out one of the most impressive BitchFaces in the art of BitchFace.

Click here and start at 9:51 to see Jessi and, eventually, Rhea’s epic BitchFace after the Globes.




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