One of my favourite Golden Globe moments of all time happened at one of the after-parties in 2011. My etalk colleague Jessi Cruickshank was covering that carpet. And when Mark Wahlberg arrived with his wife, she asked him about Justin Bieber. Which resulted in the most amazing cut-eye bitch-face from Mrs Wahlberg, Rhea Durham. Click here for a recap of the moment.

That was the night that Rhea Durham showed us who she is. Not exactly a sweetheart. So this isn’t the first time Rhea’s been exasperated by Justin Bieber. This time she’s exasperated because he’s posing for Calvin Klein in his underwear. And, Mrs Wahlberg being Mrs Wahlberg, she’s not impressed.


As you would expect, because Twitter is f-cking crazy, the Beliebers went after her. The Beliebers went after the wife of the man who said he could have stopped one of the planes from going down on 9/11. You would expect the Battle of Blackwater, non? You would expect that Bitchface would crush those teens, non?

She didn’t.

She basically whimpered away.

Click here to see the rest of her tweets. Basically she ended being all like, I’m sorry, I just love my husband, but Justin is really cute. And so is Harry Styles!

Oh come on. Are the Beliebers that intimidating? Jessica Seinfeld wouldn’t have gone down so easily. On a scale of Bitch, then, Mrs Wahlberg was a disappointment.

Her spelling/grammar is also a disappointment. She too doesn’t know the difference between “they’re” and “there”.

Also… a model complaining about “retouching”??? Oh that’s rich