Blake Lively was too busy getting married to be at New York Fashion Week. And though she reps Gucci now she didn’t show up for the Gucci show in Milan either. She used to however be front row for a fee. The Hollywood Reporter published an article yesterday about celebrity presence at the runway presentations and how much they’re being paid. $50k was supposedly Blake’s rate. Rihanna goes for $100K. Except for Chanel. When it comes to Chanel it’s almost the other way around. If anything you pay them for an invitation. If you’re good enough.

This is my favourite part:

“High-end deals (to bring celebrities to the front row) usually are exclusive; if a star goes to just one show (like Jennifer Lawrence, seated next to Harvey Weinstein, at Dior in July), bank on them having been paid in kind or as part of an ad contract requiring their attendance. Still, some actresses come on their own steam just for the PR hit and chance to play dress-up (though those dresses will be messengered back the next morning, no keepsies allowed).”

Ashley Greene?

Here’s Blake on set of Gossip Girl today in New York. Interesting to see, going forward, if she’ll be accepting the front row invitations anymore, or if that’s not on-brand now that she’s married and bakes in her white house with the white fence with Martha Stewart. Mrs Reynolds was very particular about not wanting to give the appearance that she sold her wedding photos - click here for a refresher - intent instead on portraying an image of wholesome perfection around her wedding and marriage. So... I guess we can’t talk about whether or not a lot of her wedding services came in for free specifically because they would be featured on Martha Stewart Weddings? At least that’s what I’ve heard. Kanye West’s girlfriend did that too, right?

Blake was in New Orleans last weekend on a girls’ trip with Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel. They were spotted at Stein’s deli on Magazine Street and America Ferrera may have been there too but Blake is standing in front of her in the photo I saw (not posted) and I can’t be sure if that’s her. I love that they all still hang out.