How did I just realise that they have the same face?

Needless to say, as already noted in other articles and this goes way back to the 80s, I love Martha Plimpton, so it makes me sad to have to point that out. But what’s even more sad is that LeAnn wouldn’t take it for a compliment. She’d be insulted which...

I guess is kind of amazing in its own way.

This is Martha last night beating out every other red - and there were so many of them. It may be because I have a thing for cap sleeves. And the neckline is just so flattering. And the red is dark enough that you can actually differentiate it from the carpet.

Mostly though I think it’s a personal flavour imbued with nostalgia - for Running on Empty, for Parenthood, for Beautiful Girls, for everyone who has loved Martha through all these years, it’s just so f-cking amazing to see her still around, and doing so well. Have you seen this? She’s the best. And it’s even better that she sounds, for real, like a middle-aged lady now. It’s killing me.

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